The Best 5 Personal Interests to put on Your Resume in 2018

Resume or CV is the document where you add personal, university, professional and more data to give as a reference if you want to obtain a job. This document is very important because it contains all the detailed information about each one of your life interests. Here we leave you some examples that you can add in your resume:


In the case of having any website, blog, or any public profile where you post publications either poetry, criticism, statistics, research, or any other area that you like, you can put the link in your resume so they can access and be able to read your work. And if it’s good, they’ll definitely call soon.


This is an activity that if you are really fond of, it’s attractive for any company, since that says a lot about your human quality. If you want to opt for work in the social area, this thing will definitely help you to obtain that job because we all know that as a volunteer in any activity or NGO, even participating in your own community can be considered a good deed to others.


If you have availability at any time and day they may need you, without any responsibility, is a great advantage when you are applying to a job that requires moving a lot, geographically speaking. Therefore, you could also obtain international positions.

Handling Other Languages

This is another advantage, and it’s a requirement that many companies ask. To speak more than one language, preferably English and Spanish, or Chinese is a great tool for you and the company, since they are the two most universal languages. But if you speak others, it’s good too.

Other Skills

If you have any other quality or ability, do not be afraid to add it. Whatever can be a good addition. Things like experience with dogs, being a nanny, an art connoisseur, or a specialist in computers and technology, among other things. This will highlight your CV 100%.

Another important aspect regarding these situations is the presence you have during the job interview and while delivering the resume. If you follow these tips, and have the qualities and knowledge necessary for the job you want to opt for, you can definitely get it.