About Micrographic


Micrographic is a blog which started in 2012 and has been exclusively dedicated to showcasing different hobbies and personal interests in a fun and open fashion. It was founded by Damia Rosales Henríquez when she was starting her degree and has been growing strong ever since.

Although at first the blog was purely about collectable items, lots of readers started asking for more hobbies to be showcased in the site. Sooner than later, more hobbies were getting featured, as Damia became more open about the content.



The more time Damia spent writing about personal interests she didn’t know, the more she understood she needed some help from a researcher, someone who’d look around for more things to feature in the blog. She finally asked a friend, and the blog content skyrocketed in terms of quality.

Our goal right now is to keep growing the site, either by creating more content, even considering hiring a new content writer, or by advertising the site in various platforms in order to reach wider audiences. We know understand how many different hobbies there are to showcase.

If you’re interested in reading about different personal interests, how to start them, and even how to socialize around them, this is a blog you had to be reading by now. You can browse freely and ask questions, as someone will definitely answer.