Real Madrid separates from Lopetegui – Conte cancels!

To the humiliating final chord, Julen Lopetegui was once again allowed to “lead” the training of Toni Kroos and Co., then the unsuccessful coach of Real Madrid was dismissed less than 24 hours after the embarrassing 1:5 in Clasico at the arch-rival FC Barcelona on Monday evening as expected.

To everyone’s surprise, however, the troubled Champions League winner did not present former Italian coach Antonio Conte as his new coach. Instead, reserve coach Santiago Solari is to lead the royals back on the road to success as interim coach. the 42-year-old will lead the training for the first time.

With Lopetegui’s dismissal, who only took on the legacy of the highly successful Zinedine Zidane in the summer, the Spanish record holders said they wanted “to change the dynamics of the first team, as all the season’s goals are still achievable,” and stated: “There is a disparity between the quality of the staff nominated for the Golden Ball with eight players – something that has never happened before in the club’s history – and the results to date.”

Lopetegui, according to the Spanish media, said goodbye to the team at Camp Nou on Sunday evening. The omnipotent club president Florentino Perez had left the scene of the debacle so angrily that he decided not to go to the obligatory cabin.

The fact that Lopetegui appeared the next day for “farewell training” (Marca) did not change the fact that his days at Real were numbered. His end and Antonio Conte’s commitment were to be decided at the directors’ meeting on Monday evening. But only one of these plans was put into action.

In the afternoon, according to the well-informed sports magazines AS and Marca, Conte was in opposition. Accordingly, the 49-year-old had cancelled the Royal at the last minute. The proud disciplinary fanatic disliked how his approaching appointment had been received by influential parts of the Real team.

You deserve respect, you can’t force him,” captain Sergio Ramos explained, “The way a coach deals with the cabin is more important than his expertise.” Club saint Jorge Valdano also criticised Conte’s authoritarian approach. Now someone else will have to lead the Champions League winner back to his old strength.

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Five defeats in the past seven games, ninth place in the league behind Alaves, Levante, Valladolid or Getafe, and seven points behind Barca were unacceptable for the proud Perez.

The Clasico was “the last shovel of earth” on Lopetegui’s grave, wrote the AS. “Madrid was a disaster,” admitted midfielder Casemiro. “The situation is shitty,” Ramos said, “We support the coach to the death, but the decisions are made on top.” Isco said, “You have to throw us all out, not just the coach.

Lopetegui was not Perez’ first choice to succeed coach Zidane. Mauricio Pochettino, Massimiliano Allegri, Conte, Jürgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann – they were all contacted in vain before he snatched Spain’s national team’s success coach from them. Critics say Perez destroyed the Seleccion and Real within four months.

It’s not just Julen’s fault,” headlined the Real house magazine Marca on Monday – a clear reference to the president. He sat on the misbelief that he could do without goal machine Cristiano Ronaldo. While CR7 scored for Juventus Turin, Real scored only four goals in the recent seven games, a total of 21 in 14 – eight less than last season. “My son’s 50 goals were stolen,” Lopetegui’s father Jose Antonio complained about the Ronaldo sale. DreuckGlueck can choose between classic slot machines.

On Wednesday in the first leg of the sixteenth-finals of the Copa del Rey at third division UD Melilla Solari will celebrate his debut. According to the regulations in Spain, an interim coach can only be responsible for a maximum of 14 days. He must then be replaced by a permanent solution – or himself promoted to boss.

Debacle instead of turn: Storm at 0:5 against Larnaka without a chance

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Sturm Graz missed the hoped-for turnaround in the qualification of the European Football League. Coach Heiko Vogel’s team lost 5-0 to AEK Larnaka in the third round return match, leaving the runners-up to the Cypriot club with an overall score of 7-0.

Larnaka – The European Cup season of soccer runner-up Sturm Graz is already over after four qualifying matches. After the failure against Ajax Amsterdam in the qualification for the Champions League, the Cypriot representative AEK Larnaka proved to be too high a hurdle on the way to the play-off of the Europa League. After the 0:2 in the home game, Sturm went away on Thursday into a 0:5-(0:1) debacle.

Ivan Trickovski scored three goals for Larnaka (8.,67.,80.). Jorge stayed cool with a penalty kick (65th). The substitute Thierry Taulemesse (86th) also scored. This meant that Sturm, who had to make do with a man less than Sandi Lovric (repeated foul play) after about one hour after yellow-red, was able to take the next low shot instead of the hoped for turnaround.

Tricky scenes for the referee team

The hosts took command from the first second. After four minutes the technically experienced attackers made it too complicated, Apostolos Giannou flanked a bit too far. Heiko Vogel’s team never managed to create anything like suspense at any time and fell behind early on. Trickovski turned around Tobias Schützenauer after eight minutes, who replaced the battered Jörg Siebenhandl in the goal, and scored the 1-0.

In the direct countermove Sturm came to the only noteworthy offensive action before the break. The compensation by Thomas Schrammel did not count because of a supposed offside position of Raphael Obermair (10th). It should not remain the only tricky scene that the Italian referee team around Paolo Valeri had to evaluate.

However, the other two scenes benefited the Grazers. In the 36th minute Trickovski’s second goal was disallowed because of an equally questionable offside decision. The referee was definitely wrong in the 41st minute, when he withheld a penalty from AEK after a bump from Markus Lackner and instead showed Giannou the yellow card for a goal scored with his upper arm (41st). The Spanish coach of Larnaka, Andoni Iraola, was banished to the stands after heavy criticism of this decision.

Ivan Trickovski  Honours 



  • Cypriot First Division
    • Winner: 2010–11
  • Cypriot Super Cup
    • Winner: 2011


  • UAE President’s Cup
    • Winner: 2014–15
  • UAE Arabian Gulf Cup
    • Winner: 2014–15

Super Cup vegas hero

Highest defeat

After the side change Sturm showed timid offensive efforts. After a nice action over Peter Zulj and Raphael Obermair Tono Ramirez was on the post (55th). Two minutes later, Philipp Huspek, who had been substituted for the break, won on the outer lane, Markus Pink, who was well-placed, shot past the goal (57th).

But then the game finally tilted. At first, Lovric saw the yellow card twice within eight minutes (51., 59.). Shortly thereafter, the home side scored in a double strike. Schützenauer foul Giannou in the penalty area as clearly as unnecessarily. Jorge turned with a Schupfer elegantly (65th). Trickovski then duped the storm defence after a long pass (67th). Vegas Hero Casino has a separate page filled with some superb regular promotions.

In the final minutes, Captain Trickovski’s third goal and a tug-of-war against an inferiore Sturm-Elf ensured the highest defeat of a local club against a team from Cyprus.

Ronaldo gives “Old Lady” and Series A a new shine

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The Juve guest appearance at Chievo on Saturday opens the new Serie A season. Anything other than the eighth title in a row for the Turin team would be a sensation.

Rome – The transfer of world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo from Champions League series winner Real Madrid to Juventus Turin has given Italy’s Serie A a huge boost. But the starting position has changed practically nothing before the season starts this weekend. Anything other than the eighth title en suite for “Juve” would be a sensation. But the big goal of Ronaldo and Co. is of course “Triple”.

“I’m only interested in winning all the time.”

Four times in a row the “vecchia signora” (“old lady”) from Turin has conquered the “double”. This season, which will open on Saturday evening with the Juventus guest appearance at Chievo Verona, will also see the first Champions League win since 1996. “I’m here to shape the club’s history. I’m only interested in always winning and always giving my best,” Ronaldo made it unmistakably clear during his presentation.

The rather older Juventus fans felt reminded of 1982 last Sunday. In the traditional test match against their own youngsters, which, as every year, took place in Villar Perosa outside Turin, the birthplace of Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli, Ronaldo played for the first time in the jersey of his new employer, who, according to his own statements, hired him for 112 million euros. The atmosphere was the same as 36 years ago when Michel Platini made his debut for Juve at this internal club highlight.

With the signing of France’s superstar, Serie A became the best and – as they said in Italy – most beautiful league in the world in the 1980s. For more than a decade, everything that had rank and reputation played in Italy. Serie A dominated European football at the time, led by Juventus and AC Milan. History will not repeat itself to this extent, but the transfer of the superstar Ronaldo has suddenly brought the Italian championship back into the spotlight of the world public.

Just a few days ago, a lucrative TV contract was signed with the potent US channel ESPN. This would have been unthinkable without the five-time world footballer Ronaldo. The transfer coup, which will cost Juventus a total of 350 million euros over the next four years, including wage payments, has also spurred on the competition of the record champion. For the first time, the 20 Series A clubs have exceeded the one billion euro mark for new commitments.

Nevertheless, the gap between Juventus and the first challengers SSC Napoli – with new coach Carlo Ancelotti – and AS Roma is likely to have widened as a result of Ronaldo and AC Milan defender Leonardo Bonucci returning after just one season. Since 2013, with one exception, these two clubs have always been in second and third place behind the Turin team in alternating order. Their hope is that the focus on winning the Champions League might mean that Juve will fail to win the 35th national championship.

Luciano Spalletti Honours


  • Serie B Promotion: 1996–97
  • Serie C1 Playoff Winner: 1995–96


  • Coppa Italia: 2006–07, 2007–08
  • Supercoppa Italiana: 2007


  • Premier League: 2010, 2011–12
  • Russian Cup: 2009–10
  • Russian Super Cup: 2011


  • Serie A Coach of the Year: 2005–06, 2006–07
  • Panchina d’Oro: 2004–05

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Inter looks up, Milan looks for himself

Inter Milan have also set their sights high. The Chinese owners have strengthened the team of coach Luciano Spalletti, as the blue-black team will play in the Champions League for the first time in seven years. And Serie A will see Inter finish among the top three for the first time since 2011.

City rivals AC Milan, on the other hand, are still in a phase of self-discovery after their second change of ownership within 15 months. But because the new sporting leadership is formed by the highly decorated former stars and club icons Paolo Maldini and Leonardo and the Argentinian top scorer Gonzalo Higuain has been hired by Juventus, the fans of the “Rossoneri” are also euphoric. Nevertheless, the young Milan team are only regarded as outsiders to one of the four Champions League places. Dr. Vegas Casino has some great offers for their players.

Austria’s only Serie A legionnaire is U21 team striker Arnel Jakupovic, who is under contract to Empoli. In the spring, the goalscorer played on loan for Juventus Primavera, the serial champion’s U19 team. At Empoli, the 20-year-old will probably only be used in the junior team for the time being.

5 Special Hobbies to Start Before 2018 Ends

Choosing whatever hobby to try is something that we should all do, because it will keep us active. No matter how much pressure you feel, this will always help you release any kind of stress or bad energy if it’s something you like. Here are some hobbies we should do before this 2018 ends:


Reading should be the most used hobby by all of us. This helps to keep your brain updated, it can help you improve your lexicon, and you can get distracted and enter in a way that you feel that you are the protagonist of what you are reading. You can read anything, from newspapers to books, poetry, or essays. There are even apps to read from your phone, something that would be easier and more effective these days.


Doing any type of sport is the healthiest hobby, it helps you keep active, generates endorphins and even helps you improve or maintain your physical state. Luckily, there is a great variety of hobbies that we can do like soccer, baseball, tennis, pilates, among an infinite list of activities to explore. Even going to the gym or just walking, you are doing a lot for you and your health.


Dancing is another way to stay active and healthy. Through it we can also release any kind of feelings or stress. There are many types of dances, from flamenco, tango, ballet, belly dancing, hip-hop, and etcetera.


Get in any type of artistic expression is something great that will make you more cultured. You can also release any feeling that you have repressed through paintings, writing or even singing. If you have a talent, work on it and help it develop.


If you think you have talent for cooking or you do not know anything but you would want to learn, you can also sign up for cooking courses to learn or refine what you already know.

There are thousands of hobbies that we can do; we should only have enough courage to do it. It’s totally recommendable since they will be good activities and something different in our lives. It is time to do it and try a new thing to explore, there is no excuse for this.

The Best 5 Personal Interests to put on Your Resume in 2018

Resume or CV is the document where you add personal, university, professional and more data to give as a reference if you want to obtain a job. This document is very important because it contains all the detailed information about each one of your life interests. Here we leave you some examples that you can add in your resume:


In the case of having any website, blog, or any public profile where you post publications either poetry, criticism, statistics, research, or any other area that you like, you can put the link in your resume so they can access and be able to read your work. And if it’s good, they’ll definitely call soon.


This is an activity that if you are really fond of, it’s attractive for any company, since that says a lot about your human quality. If you want to opt for work in the social area, this thing will definitely help you to obtain that job because we all know that as a volunteer in any activity or NGO, even participating in your own community can be considered a good deed to others.


If you have availability at any time and day they may need you, without any responsibility, is a great advantage when you are applying to a job that requires moving a lot, geographically speaking. Therefore, you could also obtain international positions.

Handling Other Languages

This is another advantage, and it’s a requirement that many companies ask. To speak more than one language, preferably English and Spanish, or Chinese is a great tool for you and the company, since they are the two most universal languages. But if you speak others, it’s good too.

Other Skills

If you have any other quality or ability, do not be afraid to add it. Whatever can be a good addition. Things like experience with dogs, being a nanny, an art connoisseur, or a specialist in computers and technology, among other things. This will highlight your CV 100%.

Another important aspect regarding these situations is the presence you have during the job interview and while delivering the resume. If you follow these tips, and have the qualities and knowledge necessary for the job you want to opt for, you can definitely get it.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Personal Interests Section in a Resume

The resume that you deliver in a company, will be the first reference they will have about you. This depends if they call to know more about you and discuss your abilities in the matter. So it’s necessary that the resume doesn’t have any mistakes. Here are some of them that people make and you should avoid:


You should always have a photo of you with a good quality, where you are dressed formally and well arranged. This is crucial; and it is important to understand you cannot put a poor quality or blurry photo either.

A Lot of Information

In your resume you must put everything related to your personal and contact information, as well as your educational background and previous jobs. You must be precise with that. Do not add more information that is not necessary; do not put things like the reasons for dismissal or quitting from your other jobs or the salary you used to earn. None of that matters to your new employers.

Personal References

You must put data of people who serve as a personal reference for you; they must be professionals, hard workers and cannot be a family member. These people will get called by your potential or future boss to know how you are in the workplace, how much experience you have and what kind of relationship they have with you.

Don’t Lie

You should never lie in your resume. Sometimes people think that the information you add about yourself will not be verified by the company, or they will not call the references or your other jobs you put on it. They always do it, because it’s the only way they have to know a little more about the person they want to hire, if it is competent, responsible, and honest, among other stuff.

Making a resume may not be so difficult, but it must be all right and has a good presence. Make sure you put all your necessary information, but not use filler information. Follow all these steps and your resume will be the one that gets all the calls.